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Commercial Aerial Video Services - Based in Cornwall

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos must tell the entire story. Our aerial videos are a great addition to websites or social media marketing, quickly informing customers about your business or project. Based in Cornwall we serve clients across the UK.

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Aerial Property Example


Stabilised Video

Our aerial platforms use the latest in 3-axis camera gimbal technology. This results in smooth and level video no matter what the drone is doing, or whatever conditions we are flying in.


4K UHD Resolution

The camera systems used on our drones shoot up to 4K UHD video, meaning your videos will be looking great long into the future. We are also able to hire higher spec cameras for larger projects requiring even higher resolution.


Live Preview

Using state of the art data transmission technology, we have a live HD preview beamed onto the ground. This means you can preview the video live in real time, resulting in better shots and more efficient use of time.


Editing & Visual Effects

As well as shooting aerial video, we also offer video post-production, editing and visual effects services. Working from your brief we can cut together exciting and engaging videos, plus our experience with 3D visual effects means were the idea choice for your aerila video needs.

Stock Aerial Video Footage

Do you require stock aerial video footage for a project? We are building an ever-growing collection of stock aerial videos from around Cornwall and the UK. Please contact us to let us know the types of clips you require and general locations, we will then get back to you with a selection of previews for you to choose from.

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