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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our aerial services, below you'll find the answers to out most frequent ones. If you have any other queries please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Are you licensed to operate drones commercially?
Yes. 3deep Aerial (as part of 3deep Media) has CAA 'Permisions for Commerical Operation' or PFCO. This means we have completed all the necessary training, examinations and paperwork to operate UAS (drones) for commercial purposes. All of our pilots have a RPQ-s qualification and undergo regular training to ensure they are fit and safe to complete each task.
Are you insured to do this work?
Yes. As long as we can operate within the guidelines stated in our Operations Manual we are fully insured up to £5 Million public liability.
What systems do you fly?
We have a range of different aerial platforms and equipment to suit each task. From smaller lightweight drones for projects where access is limited or portability is required (remote or marine based projects for example), through to larger platforms with higher spec cameras when increased resolution is needed. We can also hire in any other equipment as required.
Where can you fly?
Safety is always our top priority, so for every job we carry out pre-deployment and on-site surveys to determine whether is safe and possible to fly at each location. With the right planning and permissions it is possible to fly in most locations to some degree, apart from inner city urban areas and near major airports. We even have systems for flying indoors (if the space is large enough).
Can you fly indoors?
Given enough space, yes we have systems designed to work indoors using vision positioning systems that don't rely on GPS.
What weather conditions can you fly in?
Weather is one of the biggest restrictions for aerial operations. Our aerial platforms can operate in up to 20mph wind, but ideally we want no more that 15mph for safety and better results. Electronic equipment rarely likes contact with water and so flying in the rain isn't good idea. Our systems use one of the best camera gimbals on the market and so even in gusting winds we can shoot smooth footage.

We are able to carry out last minute jobs given our availability. All we require is enough time to prepare the equipment, as well as time to carry out pre-deployment and on-site surveys, adhering to CAA regulations and our operating license.
What if you can't fly because of weather or other factors?
If you have booked us and we are able to fly, we will. If the weather is looking changeable in the run up to the shoot, we monitor it and keep you informed so everyone is up to speed. In the event of a cancellation, where possible we will try and reschedule the shoot for the next best possible time.

Because weather always has the final say, for most smaller projects we don't require a deposit so there is no risk to you. For larger projects we will draw up a clear contract and require for either 30-50% of the project total up front.
What does it cost?
Each job presents it's own unique challenges, whether it's the location, subject, time frame or technical requirements. Therefore we prefer to quote on a job by job basis to make sure the client gets the best value for money.
How long can you fly for?
Depending on the payload / camera used, flight times are usually between 15 and 25 minutes. However, we carry extra batteries and its quick for us to land, switch batteries and take off again within a few minutes. Depending on the job, the amount of flights required can vary and so this is one of the factors that effect the cost.
How many people are required to operate the equipment?
Again, this depends on the exact job requirement. For aerial photography usually only a single operator is required. For some video projects and other more technical operations we prefer to work as a minimum of a team of 2 (pilot and camera operator / assistant).

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